Ismart Shankar Review- Loud on Screen & Off Screen

Starring: Ram Pothineni, Nabha Natesh, Nidhi Agerwal, Satya Dev.

Direction: Puri Jagannath

Music: Mani Sharma

Gossiper Rating: 3/5


Both Ram as well as Puri Jagannath are in a do or die situation. This movie will decide the future of both in Telugu cinema. Similarly, Nidhi Agerwal is also yet to make a break. Expectations are very high on this crazy project. Music album by Mani Sharma has helped out to gain good expectations from Mass centres. Similarly, Trailers also were decent and attracted good viewers in digital platform. Overall, Ismart Shankar is releasing today with huge expectations.


A cop, Arun (played by Satyadev) who investigates a crucial case of a politician gets murdered. His girlfriend, Sarah(Played by Nidhi Agerwal) is a reknown neuroscientist. Sarah Transfers the Brain memories of Arun into a gon, Ismart Shankar(Played by Ram). The motive behind Sarah transferring the brain memory is to find the criminal who killed her boyfriend Arun. Meanwhile, Ismart Shankar has a flashback with Chandni (Played by Nabha Natesh). How ismart Shankar deals with further happenings is the rest story.


Direction – Story – Screenplay:-

Ismart Shankar has a wire thin story line, what saves the movie is Puri Jagannath’s writing and Ram’s attitude. One another crucial factor in the movie is Manisharma’s BGM. Though the logic of Basic story might tingle audience pulses, the concept of handling memory transfer has been completely picturised with all possible cinematic liberties.

Coming to the screenplay, Puri Jagannath has done the best at what he is actually best. Irrespective of the story line, mixing the concept of memory transfer with masala and commercial elements has made up to the negatives in story line. Narration has been quite gripping for most of the part but at the same time there are few scenes which will make audience go bore.

Puri Jagannath has tried hard and extremely hard to match the levels of his previous blockbuster movies like Temper, Pokiri, Desamuduru.

First half of the movie could easily have 10 minutes of trimming. Puri Jagannath has managed to write some excellent scenes as well as dialogues with Ram and Nabha but at the same time, there are few lagging scenes too. Comparatively, second half is full packed with some good show.

Ram Pothineni:-

Ram’s one man show! Every actor will have that one comeback movie in his career. Ismart Shankar is one such movie. Ram had an conventional Characterisation between two different characters, he excelled with his Performance. While his acting was on top notch, his dances were even better than his acting. Some of his dance moves are to challenge other best dancers like Jr NTR and Allu Arjun. Coming to the Characterisation of Ismart Shankar, it’s once in a life time character for any hero. Ram acted like no one else Could’ve done justice to the character. Overall, Ram’s complete show.

Nabha & Nidhi:-

When Mass added with hot, it will be a festival environment in B and C centres. Nabha’s skin show and Nidhi’s Emotinal side along with skin show will work fantastic among the masses. As per the Characterisations, Nabha might get extra attention owing to her skin show. But both the heroines excel good with what they have been given.

Other actors:-

Satya Dev was fantastic as always. Similarly other actors like getup Srinu, Ashish Vidyarthi, shayahi Shinde, Deepak Shetty, all this actors are the regular batch in Puri movie. They have delivered what a Puri Mark mass movie needs.


Manisharma’s BGM has been the soul of the movie. Even if the screenplay or action goes down, Mani has holded the whole movie together. Pre climax to Climax, Manisharma has delivered a BGM of his life time. Songs which were already a huge hit were beautifully picturised on screen as well. On a whole a big relief to Telugu Audience from routine BGM’s of DSP or Thaman.

Other departments:-

Cinematography by Raj Thota was little amateur at parts, shakes were very much visible. Editing By Junaid was good, transitions were well utilised. If at all Puri could’ve done a little gripping writing, Editing would have been even better and crisp.

Final Verdict:

An out an out loud commercial entertainer which will win the hearts of the Telugu Audience for this season. With Telugu audience in the scarcity for mass movies, Ismart Shankar might work wonders at the box office. Long run at the A centres will be unpredictable, but it will be festival atmosphere in B and C centres.