2019 has been a disasterous year for Telugu Cinema in USA

USA market is as big as Guntur region for Telugu cinema. But 2019 left only bad memories with less than 1% success rate at the USA Box Office.

Around 130 Movies released this year and will you trust that not even 10 movies turned out to be successful at USA box office.

  1. F2 – Fun and Frustration
  2. Jersey
  3. Brocheruveraru
  4. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athryeya
  5. Oh Baby
  6. Prathi Roju Pandage

Only this 6 movies managed a clear margin after breakeven. Out of this, Only F2 brought some bug bucks to the distributor. Even the biggest blockbuster of summer, Majili also left minimal losses at USA box office. Apart from this few direct release small flicks like 118 and Mathu Vadalara have turned out be minimal profitable ventures.

Forget about big releases like Maharshi, Vinaya Vidheya Rama, Ntr Biopic, Syeraa Narasimha Reddy and Saaho left huge losses to distributors.

The reason behind the huge losses are, every biggie wanted to be an Baahubali. For instance Syeraa and Sahoo left more than 50% losses to the USA distributors. Vinaya Vidheya Rama literally collected no share. Ntr Biopic and Maharshi also incurred big losses.

Apart from Baahubali greed, another reason is development of OTT platforms. Since the digital releases are nowadays available within 50 days more audience are opting to stay back and watch at home. Whereas our producers, out of greed are selling the theatricals as well as OTT both for high costs. Eventually this has ended up pushing the distributors in huge losses.