TDP MLA providing meals for 5 Rs as YS Jagan shut down Anna Canteens

Of all the services, serving food is the most divine. Most Indian governments make it priority to serve food to the poor and needy at affordable prices. One such initiative by previous TDP government was “Anna Canteen”. Going by ego, YS Jagan led present AP Government called off the services and has shut down Anna Canteen across the state. Lakhs of poor people who were dependent on Anna canteen have been left helpless.

Whereas, One person has brought a change which no one will dare. He is Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar, Telugu Desam Party(TDP) MLA from Visakhapatnam South and ex-Army soldier. This man has started the initiative to teach lesson to the ruling YSRCP government. With his own money, he has started serving meals for Rs 5 to the poor patients who are visiting the Andhra Hospitals in Vishakapatnam.

Andhra Hospitals is one of the most famous and crowded hospitals. To which, more than 10,000 patients from northern Andhra region make visit for treatment. Mostly, people visiting this hospital are very poor, who can’t even afford for a average cost meal. To be a help to them, TDP MLA, Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar, he himself had started serving food for the cost same as Anna Canteen Cost. Ganesh Kumar has also said, until YSRCP Government reopens the Anna Canteens he will continue this service.