Dorasani Movie Review: A Very Honest Try.

Starring: Anand Devarakonda, Shivatmika Rajasekhar, Kishore
Directed By: K.V. R Mahendra
Music By: Prasanth R Vihari

Gossiper Rating: 3/5


Dorasani Had Fantastic expectations right from the the announcement of the project. Vijay Devarakonda is one obvious reason. His brother Anand Devarakonda is debuting as hero and Along with which another star kid Shivatmika Rajasekhar is debuting as female lead. This movie had decent album and good trailer cut. Altogether, the movie had good hype


A beautiful periodic love story set in the village backdrop. Raju aka Ramakanth and Devaki fall in love for each other. The couple has to face the odds of casteism. How the couple come out of it, whether they join hands or not make rest of the story.


Highly, too highly predictive script.

Apart from this one thing the movie stands out very well at every aspect. The movie doesn’t have any kind of lust or odd scenes. Thats were I would give full marks to this movie. Love stories nowadays are being spoiled in the name of boldness. Director Mahendra should be appreciated for daring to work on beautiful emotions and true love, which is being forgetten in the recently released other love story movies.

Technically Mahendra was decent, except for the story being predictable and hold. Given the story, backdrop the movie travels in a slow pace with a mood of drama. At times it makes the proceedings beautiful as well as slows down. What saves the movie from predictability is screenplay. There are half a dozen scenes which will make one to get emotionally connected to the on screen happenings. There are few misfits like Naxalism part. Which I felt as Unnecessary and forcedly fitted. Except for few hiccups Mahendra works out the movie decent to the maximum portion.

Coming to lead actors, I personally felt, they both have come up with decent performances. There wasn’t a moment of awkwardness on screen. In my perspective, Shivatmika scored more marks. In pre climax portion, in police station scene, Shivatmika has given the best. Confrontation to her father, that one another fantastic scene. Anand Devarakonda had more work with eyes rather than dialogues. He had to perform completely with his eyes, he delivered very matured performance. People walking in with negativity on Anand looks will also change their opinions.

Both Anand Devarakonda and Shivatmika are more of a acting based actors rather than that stylish beautiful actors. They have a long way ahead as actors. It’s one of the fantastic debuts one can get.

Other artists like Kishore, Vinay Varma were terrific. Maid character in Dora’s house and Seenu, friend Character of Raju also excelled.

The most positive thing for me with this movie is Music by Prasanth. Fantastic album, thats what a love story exactly wants. Prasanth has also equally nailed the back ground music work.

Art director must be applauded for recreating the ancient Telangana. Cinematography by Sunny Kurrapati adds beauty to the love of Dorasani, no technical itches or odd parts on screen, pretty decent.

Final word

A Very decent movie, a love story which could be watched happily with families. Added plus is, NO LUST AND BOLD SHIT!