YSRCP MLA called Chandra Babu Naidu l$nj# koda$a

You read it right, in a public gathering Kakinada MLA Dwarampudi ChandraSekhara Reddy has abused Chandra Babu Naidu in unparliamentary language.

Speaking about the capital issue in a public gathering, YSRCP kakinada MLA Chandra Shekhara Reddy called Chandra Babu Naidu as Lan&# Koda#$ and Pawan Kalyan as Donga na Ko#$a, Lan$*&. Sadly, the gathered gathered their clapped their hands for this immoral words used by a respectable MLA.

Kakinada MLA Chandra Shekhara Reddy abusive speech

Couple of days back, a TDP cadre named Avinash was arrested by Andhra Pradesh police for using unparliamentary language towards Macherla MLA Pinnslli Ramakrishna Reddy. Today, YSRCP MLA Chandra Shekhara Reddy has used even worst language than a cadre. TDP cadre now questioning the police of Andhra Pradesh, whether they could arrest this MLA for using such a language in public.

Complaint on kakinada MLA Chandra Shekhara Reddy

TDP has raised a official complaint on Dwarampudi ChandraSekhara Reddy for his offensive speech. Probably this is the first time in Andhra Pradesh to see such kind of attitude from respectable MLAs( Praja prathinidulu) behaving in such a way.

While the police of Andhra Pradesh are trashing the innocent Amaravati farmers, YSRCP MLAs are abusing the opposition leaders and party members.