Blow to YCP govt, Court handed over Dr Sudhakar case to CBI

Blow to YCP govt, Court handed over Dr Sudhakar case to CBI

In what can be called as a sensation, High Court has handed over Dr Sudhakar case to CBI. This is nothing less of a huge blow to the YSRCP government. Court has felt that the individual body only can find the truth in Dr Sudhakar case and that’s why the case is handed over to CBI.

All this started a month back when Dr Sudhakar questioned the Government for not providing N95 masks to Doctors. After few days, Dr Sudhakar was found ill-treated, stripped naked and trashed brutally by the Vizag Police on the roads for unknown reason. Later, Government claimed Dr Sudhakar was drunk and abused CM Ys Jagan. Following this, Government certified Dr Sudhakar as Mentally unstable and admitted him to the Government mental care, Vizag.

Yesterday, Magistrate met Dr Sudhakar in the mental care and recorded the statements of Dr Sudhakar. Today, the statements of Dr Sudhakar and the government version was presented in the high court. In the statement, it was also mentioned that Dr Sudhakar was subjected to physical abuse and visible wounds. Similarly, the statements of Dr Sudhakar were different from YSRCP led Andhra Pradesh government version.

Considering all the external and political factors involved, High court directed Dr Sudhakar case to CBI. Further, Court has asked CBI to file complaint on all the police officials involved. It also directed the CBI to interrogate every police official involved. High court has ordered the CBI to submit the report on Dr Sudhakar issue by 8 weeks.

Meanwhile, Dr Sudhakar mother, Kavitha Rao has accused a ruling Government minister for threatening her family to make Dr Sudhakar accept the crime to his name. However, CBI involved in the case says the intensity of crime Government has committed in Dr Sudhakar issue.

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