Evaru Movie Review – Not everyones cup of Tea

Starring: Adivi Sesh, Naveen Chandra, Regina Cassandra and Murali Sharma.

Directed by: Venkat Ramji

Produced by: PVP cinemas

Gossiper Rating: 2.75/5


In the Recent times Adivi Sesh Has become one of the most bankable stars with movies like Kshanam and Goodachari 116. Yet Again, Adivi Sesh is coming up with almost same genre crime thriller with Evaru. In past few days, Evaru team has promoted extensively. Evaru stars, Naveen Chandra and Regina in main leads along with Sesh. Evaru is a kind of unofficial remake or freemake or loosely adapted from Hindi film Badla. Amidst descent Expectations Evaru has released worldwide today.


Story revolves around a murder mystery, Sam (Played by Regina) is accused as one of the accused for a murder of cop Ashok ( played by Naveen Chandra). In her defense, Sam claims the murder as self defense to save herself from rape attempt by Ashok. She doesn’t get any help from her husband to fight Back the accusations, she plans to fight alone. Corrupt cop Vikram Vasudev (Played by Adivi Sesh) enters the scene as a hired informer from police department, who works for bribe to Regina. Whats up with the murder, what role Vikram has in the part of the murder forms the rest of the story.


Screenplay – Direction:

Debutant Venkat Ramji has choose to have a safe debut with the freemake of Badla. However, Evaru isn’t a frame to frame or scene to remake of Badla. Director has made ample number changes. All those changes doesn’t fit the story, few changes work, while few changes pull down the pace of the screenplay. Compared to First half, second half was good with twists and turns to keep the audience engaged to the movie. First half feels so long, though short in duration. Twists have been handled very well, which makes Evaru, quite a passable movie. There are plenty of loopholes in the screen play, Venkat could have handled it better. Climax was planned well but Towards the end, Venkat fails to handle convincing Narration. Making things look like, it happened the way Sesh wanted was very routine and odd. On a whole, Venkat managed to make a decent debut with this passable thriller.


Adivi sesh, with no time Sesh has to come out of this monotonicity. It’s getting bored to see him again and again in crime thrillers. As an actor, Adivi Sesh is doing neat job, but if the same kind of roles getting repetitive with time audience might brand Adivi Sesh only to particular genre. Coming to Evaru, Sesh makes the show perfect as a corrupt cop. His body attitude and voice modulation was good.

After a long time, Regina Cassandra has got a comeback with the full length meaty role. The whole story of Evaru moves around Regina. She has got more space to perform and she had utilised to the fullest. Helpless as well as Arrogant woman, she steamed the show with ease. She had lot of scope to project her performance and she did well. Evaru has provided a much needed break through for her.

The silent show stealer is Naveen Chandra, each time Naveen is seen on screen, he thrills the audience with the amount of talent he has. As an antagonist, he performed well already in Aravindha Sametha, yet other time he proves to be a power house of performer. Naveen Chandra scenes with Regina are the grip for this movie.

Murali Sharma manages to perform well with what he was given, young fellow who played as Cancer patient Adarsh was fantastic.

Technical Departments:

Cinematographer Vamsi, Editor Gabri and Music Director Sai Charan had put up a decent show. Especially editing was crisp and managed to carry the pace of the movie without getting deviated. Run time becomes a plus for this crime thriller. Back ground score by Sai Charan is good, sets the mood of the scene right. Given the genre lot depends on music and the music director has justified his part.

Final Verdict:

Strictly a one time watch, Evaru gives a average first and a engaging second half, watch out for the twists and turns. Definitely Evaru will not appeal to all kind of audience. Given the genre it may get subjected to a set of audience. Box office potential of the movie will be based on the acceptance level of the audience.