Dear Comrade Review: Arjun Reddy+ Geetha Govindham!

Starring: Vijay Devarakonda, Rashmika Manadanna

Directed By: Bharat Kamma

Produced By: Mythri Movie Makers

Music By: Justin Prabhakaran

Gossiper Rating: 2.5/5


After the success of Geetha Govindham, Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika become sensational pair. The chemistry between both of them was highly appreciated. This succesfull pair has come up once again together for Dear Comrade. For quite a long time Dear Comrade was in Production. The crucial scenes in the movie was simultaneously shot in all the four languages. Bharat Kamma has captianed this project. Mythri movie makers have Bankrolled Dear comrade. The movie was made with huge budget. The movie was actually scheduled to release on May 31st. After several postponements, the date was announced as July 26th. The movie has released worldwide today.


Vijay Devarakonda plays the character Bobby and Rashmika Plays the character Lilly. The story revolves around this young pair. Bobby falls for Lilly, manages Lilly to make Accept his love. But, given the attitude of Bobby, they end up separated. After a few years, Bobby gets to know, Things aren’t good with Lilly. Bobby comes and pulls Lilly out of the odd situations she is going through and eventually both end up getting together.


Direction- Screenplay- Writing:

A Done and dusted story line, Hero falling for heroine, getting separated, again they fall for each other. To be frank, this is the same story line with which Hindi cinema has survived for decades. Lately, Telugu movies also getting into that loop. For instance, if you take Geetha Govindham or Arjun Reddy, after a high voltage love story, there would be a breakup, get separated and finally lead pair get together. So, thats how outdated the story is.

On the basic, director Bharat Kamma fails to come up with a decent story. But, Bharat Kamma manages to write a decent narration for a while to this old themed story. The narration has aggression, love, fun, travel and Pain. But quite soon, Bharat Kamma fails in managing the screenplay. The movie has few up moments, before the screenplay could settle for high, immediately a bad scene ruins the previous scene too. If at all there is anything to be appreciated, its the Pre interval sequence and the way, Bharat Kamma picturised the whole movie, locations used to carry the story were choosen fantastically. On a whole, movie becomes half baked with uninteresting screenplay.

Given the second half, first half was handled good. On screen, the movie was like it had two stories post interval and pre interval. Which pulls down the pace of the movie completely in the second half.


Vijay Devarakonda:

This is the high time Vijay Devarakonda gets to know people might get bored with his attitude. Right from Arjun Reddy to Dear Comrade, the actor has played same kind of aggressive attitude guy. If its for one or two movies, the charm gets loved. When this becomes repetitive, on screen the hero gets bored. Vijay must explore more of characters, apart from this aggressive attitude guy. Coming to Dear Comrade, Vijay Devarakonda has delivered decent performance. With the changes story go through, Vijay Devarakonda has maturedly changed the Character from time to time with respect to the script. Specifically, his Performance in the pre interval 10 minutes stand high, Emotions were well emoted.

Rashmika Manadanna:

The most Happening star in Telugu industry right now. When it comes to Dear comrade, Rashmika has hardly managed a decent performance. Rashmika had a huge job to do in dear comrade. While one half of her character was just for fun and romance , the other half needed a performer from her. Rashmika was pale in the depression scenes and failed to manage the emotion which needed to be emoted. Rashmika couldn’t cope up with the changes happening in her characterisation. This will be one project, which Rashmika doesn’t want to remember.

Other cast:

Dear comrade has huge casting of actors from different languages. Shruthi Ramachandra as Jaya was good. Other senior actors like Brahmaji, Rao Ramesh and Jayaprakash were under utilised. At the end of the run, one will oddly rememeber other characters and actors.

Technical Departments:


Music by Justin Prabhakaran is the saving grace of the movie. Songs were so beautiful on screen too, Bharat Kamma did the justice to the music of Justin Prabhakaran with beautiful visualisations. Back ground score was good, given the screenplay sometimes, BGM gets going unnoticed.

Editing and Cinematography:

The whole movie is so beautiful on screen, the visualisation has been so wonderful. Given the beautiful locations of Northern India and Kerela, Cinematographer Sujith Sarang has succeeded in presenting the locations beautifully. Frames set for Vijay Devarakonda were fantastic and has to be appreciated.

Editing by Sreejith Sarang was adequate. The movie had an unwanted 20-25 minutes, which could’ve been easily trimmed off. Might have made audience watch experience little better.

Final Word:

Not too bad, not too good too. Just when one get the feel, its a passable movie, the movie gets completely flat with narration. Even the Devarakonda Rowdy boys and girls might find hard with Dear Comrade.