Aswathama Review: An wasted opportunity

Starring: Naga Shaurya, Mehreen Kaur, Posani Krishna Murali, Prince, Jissushen Gupta, Sargun Kaur

Story, Screenplay: Naga Shaurya

Music: Sri Charan pakala, Ghibran

Produced by: Usha Mulpuri

Directed by: Ramana Teja

Gossiper Rating: 2.5/5


After suffering three straight Disasters, Naga Shaurya without trusting any other story writer has come up with his own story for Aswathama. His home production IRA movie makers have produced the movie. Naga Shaurya has kept high hopes on Aswathama. This will be his one last golden opportunity to get into the league 2 heros list.


After injecting the girls into unconscious stage, a psycho doctor keeps sex and leave the girls hospitalized. Victims doesn’t know that they were raped until they get pregnant. A similar incident happens to Gana’s (Naga Shaurya) Sister. How Gana finds out the culprit is the rest of story.


Naga Shaurya performance



Screenplay and Narration

Dragged second half




Debut Director Ramana Teja failed miserably with the screenplay and Narration. After having such a good story line, director failed to convince with the presentation. Naga Shaurya should also share the responsibility for poor writing and screenplay. Director failed to keep up the movie engaged right from the beginning. The story moved in a pretty predictable way.

Naga Shaurya reaching out to the villain character wasn’t properly written. There were so many loop holes left with doubts. Director wasted the screen time with unnecessary scenes instead of focusing on necessary scenes. For instance, Naga Shaurya finds out the drug by himself. Naga Shaurya doesn’t worry to know how the doctor carried out the kidnap process. Though it was understandable to the audience, there were such many loose ends left like that.

Music by Sri Charan pakala is good, Background score for few scenes has been synced well by Ghibran. Cinematography by Manoj Reddy is outstanding


Naga Shaurya had written a good convincing role for himself. His character has to deal pain, anxiety and confusion. Naga Shaurya has brilliantly carried out all the emotions. He should have home worked so much for the output he has delivered. Mehreen Kaur had a very restricted shot role and she had given her best. Jissushen Gupta as performed fantatsic as psycho Doctor. Sargun Kaur was good given her very short role.


Opportunity and performances wasted.