Worst ever silly nominations in the history of Bigg Boss telugu

Every week, Telugu Big Boss makers come up with different ways for the contestants to nominate each other. And let’s not forget the fact that during nominations, the house looks like a horrible car wreck due to a tornado.

This week nomination technique was no less crazier than the other days. Big boss divided the contestants into 2 groups in which Baba Master stood as the captain with immunity towards elimination. Shilpa, Rahul, Punarnavi, Vitika, and Varun were brought together in one group and the remaining in another group. Each person from one team had to choose a nominee only from the opposite group. At the end of the nominations, Shilpa, Punarnavi, Mahesh, Himaja, Ravi, and Sreemukhi wefe nominated for eliminations.

Inspite of the show completing 50 days successfully, every house contestant was seen giving lame reasons for nominating the fellow house member. Finally, when Big Boss asked Baba Master to go ahead and save one contestant from the elimination list, he selected Ravi. Let’s wait and see what happens this week.