What is the past between Sreemukhi and Shilpa Chakravarthy?

After a long debate on who would be the wild card contestant in Big Boss 3, yesterday, an all together new contestant entered the house.

While the speculations were focused on Esha Rebha and Shraddha Das to make a wild card entry, the producers of Big Boss brought in the Yesteryear TV host and serial artist Shilpa Chakravarthy. After her arrival, when Big Boss asked her to nominate 2 people, she picked Ali Reza and Sreemukhi citing that they were they toughest contestants and that she wanted to see how would their reaction be towards being in danger zone. When all this was over, Sreemukhi confessed to Himaja later that night on the lawn about the tiff between her and Shilpa out of the big boss house. She went on to say that Shilpa nominated her having that grudge in mind.

Also, Together, Sreemukhi and Himaja imitated the slang of Shilpa and were seen mocking her at the end of yesterday’s episode. Seems like things will get heated up in the Big Boss house from now on with these 2 already having a past.