Vithika Sheru’s Double face gets teared off by audience

Bigg Boss season 3 is well on track, Controversies are on peaks just with its 18th day. Yesterday, Bigg Boss took a serious turn with Ravi Krishna trying to break the glass to steal the money as part of task. While trying to break the glass, Ravi Krishna got himself hurt. While this idea was initiated by Sreemukhi, others like Mahesh, Siva Jyothi and Baba Baskhar also supported the idea of breaking the glass.

As per the plan, Ravi Krishna broke the glass but ended up hurting, while the whole house rushed to help Ravi, Vithika and Varun were busy taking the money and saving it. While Saving the money also, Varun atleast had the concern to care about Ravi and said to his wife Vithika, Ravi has injured we have to look at him once. But at that instant Vithika said, all other things next, first get the money safe gaurded.

Whereas soon after coming to the living area, looking at Ravi Krishna she started crying and started yelling at Sreemukhi. While already Sreemukhi and Ravi were consoling each other, Vithika took the chance well to prove her double sided acting skills. Viewers of Bigg Boss looking at the double sided stands of Vithika started trolling her badly.