Surprise and Shocking Elimination in Bigg Boss Today

The Nations Biggest Reality show – Big Boss, as Nagarjuna calls it, has entered into the 7th week successfully. This week, Nagarjuna graced the audience with his presence after being AWOL last week. He was seen condemning lot of things that the contenstatnts did throughout the week in yesterday’s episode.

With every week, eliminations occurs on Sunday and this time, the buzz is that Ali Reza has been eliminated from the show. Considered to be a really tough contestant, Ali Reza was always playing his game right, inspite of certain glitches here and there. Let’s not forget the fact that Ali Reza has been nominated for the first time in Bog Boss house unanimously by all the contestants since they felt it necessary to see how he would react for nominations.

If this news that Ali Reza got eliminated comes out to be true in today’s episode, then he Is one unlucky contestant in the whole of big boss history. We have to wait and watch what is going to happen.