Nagarjuna delievered power packed punches to Housemates

Yesterday’s Big Boss show was over the top with Nagarjuna firing up on housemates for the first Time after he become the host. With 11 weeks gone and every mistake going unquestioned, seems like the makers felt it was high time to add some fire to the show.

Varun and Rahul were questioned continuously by Nagarjuna about all the happenings of last week. Their biggest fight was discussed and the host made both of them to apologize to each other at the end. Few videos were also played in yesterday’s episode which shed out some much needed light on Baba Master. He was not able to answer to the questions posed by Nagarjuna about how his next target was Shreemukhi in some uncertain terms. Time and time again, Punarnavi was brought on spotlight for her usage of foul language in the show along with a short video compilation of her using all those bad words.

Finally, there was a small task where everyone were given hearts and asked to break on the people who hurted them the most in the past one week. Baba Master got the most votes for breaking the contestants hearts followed up by Punarnavi.