BB 3 E 21: Nagarjuna gives tough time to housemates!

Today’s big boss show was no less than any other episode so far. Nagarjuna’s dapper entry, yesterday’s happenings in short, Baba Bhaskar’s ” show the video please, sir” were the key highlights of todays episode.

In detail, Nagarjuna firstly started off with Ali Reza’s issue with Himaja. He strongly condemned Ali for taking out the money from Himaja’s pocket and questioned why the other players were not ready to come out with their voices when the situation happened. Next he moved on to Tamannah and blasted her for behaving so badly with Ravi Krishna and the way she criticised the entire media journalists. He went on to show the video of her accusing Shiva Jyothi which led Tamannah to lower her head in shame and apologize.

Moving on, Nagarjuna was all praises about Ravi and Baba Master’s involvement in the game. When Nagarjuna asked Baba Bhaskar why he wasn’t ready to come forward and try to be the big guy around the house, Baba said ” I did give a try, Sir. Please play the video, Sir”. Nagarjuna went on to show a video of Vithika’s double acting in the Task for earning the bucks.

When everything was said and done, today’s show had a Coordination game where everyone had fun playing. The show was completed with Nagarjuna saying that there won’t be any elimination today, but tomorrow.