BB3: Tammana Simhadri to face direct elimination?

Bigg boss Season 3 has got into the track, Controversies have started. But this time, controversies are worst than expected. Straight away, in the very beginning of the show itself, controversies have spiked sky high. First two weeks of the show was quite peaceful and was taught to have decent contestants.

At the end of first week, after the elimination of Hema, Transgender Tamanna Simhadri was made was wild card entrant. After her entry, few small Controversies and arguements started raising. In the second week, she had issues with Ali Reza. However, Nagarjuna addressed those small issues and managed to bought them down. But, as the viewers taught issues haven’t brought down, it was just a beginning.

On Monday, Bigg Boss made to have direct nominations. That’s were all the issues in the house for triggered. Each house mate got to know the real faces of other house mates. All of the contestants took it cool except for one, Tamanna Simhadri. Ravi Krishna nominated Tamanna, which triggered the harsh face of Tamanna. Ever after the nominations Tamanna started going over the top to criticize Ravi Krishna. She went on to use unparliamentary language and words which were very harsh towards Ravi Krishna.

As a result, peace in the house was completely disturbed. Other house mates tried to cool Tamanna. But she kept on mocking Ravi Krishna with filthy language. Now, it is heard Bigg boss has requested the housemates to speak about their opinion on Tamanna and situation in house. Going by the trend, it seems like Bigg boss might sentence Tamanna Simhadri to direct elimination. However, she is already in nomination for getting evicted from the house