Shocking Re entry of Ali Reza in Bigg Boss!

It is not new in Big Boss house to bring back a previously eliminated contestant. Last season, Shyamala was brought back into the BB house by voting system. And this season seems to be no different. Yesterday’s Big Boss episode was so lit with the arrival of the previous housemate Ali Reza as a wild card contestant. He made a yet another grand entrance into the house by ripping off his shirt to an unfolding scene of hyper housemates.

It cannot be forgotten how much of an impact Ali’s elimination was for the big boss housemate Shivajyothy who was very much close on a friendly level with him. Ali Reza’s arrival brought about a huge amount of happiness for Shivajyothy and all her tears this time were happy tears for the contestant unlike when he got eliminated. It was a very happy moment for the both since Ali was able to acknowledge her friendship for him. Even Shreemukhi and Punarnavi, who generally had a lot of tiffs with the actor seemed to welcome him with goofy smiles and reactions.

What people didnt expect was Varun and Rahuls off handedness. It was clearly visible how Ali’s re-entry was received by these two. This might be owed to the fact that Ali is a toughest contender and that Rahul and Varun both recognize how this might change the dynamics in the house in the coming days.