Monday, September 28, 2020
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BJP supports TDP in its previous decision, trashes YSRCP

Politics is all about the twists and turns based on the situations. BJP is mastering this art, especially Andhra Pradesh BJP...

BJP has loaded and Pointed its missile on YSRCP

BJP is closely monitoring the situation in Andhra Pradesh. BJP is just looking for the right time to bring new dimensions...

Ex Officials doubting the Credibility in 2019 Election Mandate

Indian general elections 2019 completed among huge negativity and lack of transparency. Not only the Opposition parties of BJP, People are...

Huge embarrassment for BJP in Koti Issue

Well, we don't know how many of you remember the over night Sensation B. KoteswarRao a.k.a. Koti. Koti came into...

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Painful final few days of Legendary Singer SP Balasubramaniam

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