Forget the Result! India lost after Fighting Hard

One bad day at office, that’s it. Irrespective of todays result, India was the best team in world cup. Just, its luck which was not on India’s side. Rules of ICC must have a serious revision. Continuing a match to the reserve was a whole scrap concept. After a hell of Rain, pitch wouldn’t be same as yesterday. The team played yesterday had advantage in todays scenarios. This could’ve been the other way also.

Its a day which India doesn’t deserve to lose. The team performed well through out the tournament. Just one performance can’t decide anything. New Zealand after posting 239/8 in their second day of one day international came. India started the chase to the maximum pathetic way. In quick successions Team India Lost 4 wickets. It was the pitch which was playing the game initially. Later Pant and Pandya managed to hold the innings but not so far. Both Pant and Pandya were dismissed even before India could reach 100.

When India was 92/5, Jadeja walked in and went on New Zealand. Played a innings of his life time. The hope was much high before he was beaten at 75. Quick after the dismissal of Jadeja, Dhoni fell down to a massive blinder from Guptil with 50 Runs. There ended the dreams on Indian cricket Team. End of the Day, New Zealand bet India by 18 runs to progress to Finals.

The fight back from Jadeja and Dhoni was the one aspect, which Indian cricket team will get to cherish through out its history.