Valmiki aka Gaddalakonda Ganesh Review – Unfaithfull Remake


Starring: Varun Tej, Atharva, Pooja Hegde, Mirnalini Ravi, Dimple Hayathi, Sathya, Nagineedu, Brahmaji.

Music: Mickey J Meyer

Producer: 14 Reels Plus

Direction: Harish Shankar


Unfaithful Remake, Harish should have left the story and Screenplay Part untouched.

Gossiper Rating: 2.25/5


After the astounding success of F2, Varun Tej is testing his luck with out and out Mass Entertainer. Harish Shankar has come up with Tamil Blockbuster movie Jigarthanda remake in Telugu. This movie stars Tamil star Atharva for first time in Telugu. Mirnalini and Pooja Hegde play the female leads. Initially, till yesterday night, this movie was titled as Valmiki. Later due to title related release issued, title has been changed from Valmiki to Gaddalakonda Ganesh.


Young aspirant assistant director, Abhi (played by Atharva) wants to direct a different gangster movie. In which, villian will be the hero and he wants to adopt real life story of some gangster. He zeros the real life story of Gangster Gaddalakonda Ganesh to be his movie. Some tragic turns take in the life of Atharva when Gaddalakonda Ganesh enters.


Screenplay- Direction:

When there is a cake made fantastic story with well written screenplay, it should be left untouched. Harish Shankar’s first mistake was changing the story with a dragged screenplay. The whole part of Pooja Hegde was a scrap. Harish Shankar should have stick to the original. Eventually, the change in story and screenplay led to dragged screenplay with a lengthy runtime of 3Hrs.

In the original Tamil version, villian characterisation was designed as a layer to the story. Harish taught of elevating the characterisation of Antagonist and it ended up a mess. However, first half of the movie was passable. Second half is the real culprit. Flashback with Pooja followed by Ganesh himslef deciding to act. Sadly, comedy which worked well in the Tamil version was made miserable in Telugu version and was completely lame.

Story was the hero for Jigarthanda, trying to make Villian character as hero, spoiled the proceedings. Harish Shankar should start working on his Direction skills as well as narration part.


Varun Tej:

Whenever, Gaddalakonda Ganesh enters, the whole frame gets lighten up. Varun tej as Gani has set the screen on fire with his monstrous screen presence. In future, Varun tej may be a huge commercial hero but not for this movie.

Pooja Hegde:

A complete misplace in this movie, may be because of the characterization. However, with the skin show in Elluvochi Godaramma song, she does some justice to the Audience for her presence.

Atharva and Mirnalini Ravi:

Atharva gets a pretty decent debut, he will get to be noted. His performance was also good, in few of the scenes we was on top. Good thing is he matched the monstrous screen presence Varun Tej had. Positively, he can comfortably release his dubbed movies in telugu.

Mirnalini Ravi as Bujjamma was good. Especially in Gagana Veedhilo song she was so cute. Bujjamma character was crucial since Atharva uses her as Pawn to reach Gani. She Played her part well, if she could select some good scripts, she might have a long run.


Comedian Sathya was okay, otherwise none leave a mark. crowded screen space with several characters make others go unnoticed.


Editing by Chota K Prasad should have saved the second half. Whereas at a stage even the editor was helpless with a messed up flashback episode. Cinematography by Ayananka Bose is fantastic, he has beautifully captured the rustic beauty of Rayalseema.

Mickey J Meyer has delivered a solid album. Jarra Jarra was electrifying on screen. On the other hand, Gagana Veedhilo was soft and cool. Back ground score was also pretty decent.

Bottom Line:

Oka Ammulu Paapa, Oka Sreedevi!