The Family Man Review – High Voltage Action Drama


Starring: Manoj Bajpayee, Niraj Madhav, Priyamani and Sharib Hasmi.

Directed By: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK

Gossiper Rating: 3.75/5


Power Packed gripping series with a slight let down final Episode!


TASC Agent Srikanth gets on a mission to stop ‘Mission Zulfiquer’ planned be Pakistani Terrorist groups. Rest of the story makes it, whether Srikanth ended successfull or not in averting the mission.

Detailed Review:

The Family Man is a cluster of stories beautifully connected.

  • Family life of Srikanth,
  • Arrogance in the name of Anti Beef,
  • Innocents mistook as Terrorists,
  • Terrosirsm.

Family part:

Family man has all the necessary elements in it to become a engaging series for all the set of audience. Family life of Srikanth Tiwari was beautifully Showcased. Though the main plot is different, bringing in the family part along with good characterisations is a positive.

The problems a sincere under cover officer might face was portrayed relaistic.

  • Problems in marriage life,
  • Lack of communication with the wife,
  • Parenting shortcomings.

Infact, how the realtionship between husband and wife gets spoiled was shown fantastic.

Anti Beef Campaign.

The makers have daringly touched the attrocities taking place in the name of Saving Cow. Beauty is, the fantastic end given to that sub plot and the way it was connected with main plot. Almost for five episodes this subplot plays a crucial role. The guy who played the character Kareem was fantastic and equally was the actress who played Jonali character.

Coming to The Main plot.,

We have seen several movies with our Heros being Raw agents, undercover missions. But what makes, The Family Man different from all other similar movies or series is. Family man not only shows as the lead character as super hero who is capable of anything. The Family Man is a more of realistic stroy and screenplay, in which the main leads also get to commit the mistakes.

Coming to the screenplay.,

Family scenes were beautifully picturised. Though the screen time was less, the scenes are good enough to leave a mark with the viewers.

Similarly, Srikanth in Pakistan episode was top notch. The marriage episode was also fantastic.

The negative Characters Noosa Rahman, Sajjid played by Niraj Madhav and Shahab Ali loved the characters. At a point it was like watching real terrorists on the screen.


The best Indian series so far!