Seven Movie Review- Stay away at any cost.

Starring: Havish, Nandita Swetha, Anisha Ambrose.

Director: Nizar Shafi

Gossiper Rating: 2.00/5


With some good promotional content, the team of Seven managed to create decent buzz. With a good casting, the expectations were also decent to good. Hero Havish is desperate for a breakthrough with this movie. Well known cinematographer Bizarre Shafi is debuting as director with this movie. Reggina had made Cameo appearance in seven.


One man married to multiple women’s goes missing in a mysterious way. One after the other police complaints about this mysterious missing case of a man from different women’s, all the details lead to one same man. When police get in detail, they get to find out this person was dead very long ago. How the mystery is solved forms the main conflict of the story.


Seven is a partial inspiration of Hollywood movie ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’s. Seven comes up with a fantastic script, while the loose narration and weak writing killed the movie. If at all writing was good, this movie might have become a good one. Being a thriller genre, movie lacks the tight narration and curious screenplay. Reggina was highly under utilised, while her character in the flashback episode was to be crucial. Due to lack of poor writing and narration, the whole episode become a intolerable mess. Cinematographer turned Nizar could have cared a little on the narration.

Though there were few good twists in the pre climax and climax sequence, it was too late to get the audience attached to the movie.

Performance wise, Nandita Swetha was on top notch, her performance was the only positive from movie. Havish is still so amateur as a hero. He need to work so much on each and every aspect of acting. Anusha Ambrose was also not that impressive. Other characters like Tridha Chowdhury, Rahman as police officer were good to whatever they were assigned.

Chaitanya Bharadwaj songs went unnoticed and unappealing. Whereas Back ground score was too good during the climax sequence. Director himself being the cinematographer, could have handled it in a better way.

Positives: Story, Nanditha Swetha.

Final verdict: Stay away!