Prabhas starrer Saaho Review – Suicidal!

Starring: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Arun Vijay, Jackie Shroff

Directed by: Sujeeth

Bankrolled by: UV Creations

Gossiper Rating: ⭐⭐/5


Rebel Star Prabhas is coming as Saaho after three years. Prabhas has went on to grow beyond boundaries Post Baahubali. Saaho has Shraddha Kapoor playing female lead. Saaho has a huge ensembled casting with artists from different industries. One film old Sujeeth Reddy has directed this project. Saaho is releasing in four major Indian languages. Expectations are extremely high around this project.


Bunch of Gangsters fighting for Robbed Money. From no where, a person comes out to own the money and a secret along with it. Ashok Chakravarthy played by Prabhas as well as Neil Nithin Mukesh. Shraddha Kapoor plays Crime branch investigative officer, Amrita Nair. Tanikella Bharani, the kidnapped minister. Jackie Shroff, Arun Vijay play the gangsters who are fighting to rob the robbed money but end up as a prey to the regular revenge angle.



Literally Rs 300 Crores budget goes unnoticed. The much expected Dubai fight episode was only Okay and not upto the mark of budget. Other than that, ‘Ye Chota Nuvvunna’ and ‘Bad Boy’ songs were beautifully shot in exotic locations. Through out the first half, it was a big question mark where the whopping budget has been hidden.

Screenplay & Direction:

Sujeeth choose extremely complex screenplay to showcase an ordinary revenge story. Though there are N number of twists, but nothing makes sense. Too much of characters, director couldn’t handle them properly. Screenplay he choose to narrate must be blamed. Sujeeth should have took little time to elevate the characters, instead of wasting the whole first half without a single worth watchable moment. Throughout the first half, only interval sequence was better. The revealing of Real Ashok Chakravarthy, Though the twist was very lame, it was showcased better.

Second half was a further complete mess with poorly connected scenes. Beyond all The track of Shraddha was poorly written and executed. Crime Branch investigative officer Amrita Nair(Played by Shraddha), who couldn’t manage to find the culprit even after the long presence of him around her.

Coming to the direction of Sujeeth, nothing is there to blame him. What a one film old director can handle, he had done. Prabhas and the makers have to be blamed for trusting Sujeeth to Spend Rs 300 Crores in making. There wasn’t a single worth moment for the grandeur involved. Narration by Sujeeth has brought down Rs 300 Crores involved. Sadly, all the budget pumped in went unnoticed.

If someone has to get right appreciation, it would be Ghibran. He has delievered fantastic BGM. He will get noted with Saaho Pan India. This will be his Major break.

Nothing to say about lead actors or technicians. A utter disasterous!


Taking three years for such a output is what called as suicidal. Sujeeth has successfully managed to pull down the career graph of Prabhas. Don’t even have Saaho in your watch list. It might ruin the good opinions on Prabhas from Baahubali.