Rakshashudu Review – Enthralling Thrilling Tale

Starring: Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Anupama Parameswaran, Rajeev Kanakala, Saravanan, Vindohini, Suzane.

Director: Ramesh Varma

Music: Ghibran

Gossiper Rating: 3.0/5


Rakshashudu is a remake of Tamil Blockbuster movie Ratsasan. The whole team of Rakshashudu are badly in a need of break. Srinivas is yet to score a decent hit, Anupama has been form out for a whole, similar with the situation of Director Ramesh Varma. The whole team has pinned high hopes on this project. Under low expectations, this movie is getting released. Commercially, this movie had done a decent Theatrical business of around 15 Crores.


Rakshashudu deals about a psycho serial killer. How Arun(Bellamkonda Srinivas) gets to lock horns with him makes the rest of the story. Inbetween, there will be series of twists and turns what Made Christopher (Saravanan) to become a serial killer.


Screenplay- Direction:

Rakshashudu is a respectful frame to frame remake from its original version. The team of Rakshashudu dint take any kind of risk with messing the story- screenplay. Ramesh Varma had stick to the basics and had delivered an promising remake with a gurnatee hit on cards. If one had seen the original l version, this would be as same as that one, except for the change in lead actors.

Still, Ramesh Varma must be appreciated for delivering the movie with such a perfection without deviating even a point. Compared to the first half, second half was handled much better than the original version, a slight improvement in the screenplay added intensity to the narration. On whole, a much needed comeback for Ramesh Varma.


Role of Sai Srinivas is much of a under act, where the character doesnt have any kind of heroism. The character Arun(Sai Srinivas) has to deliver just what the story needs. Sai Srinivas managed good with that. There are few emotional scenes, in which Srinivas delivered a decent performance. Compared to his previous movies, Srinivas has learnt from his mistakes and has groomed him well. The whole climax episode was well handled by Srinivas, is performance was so good especially for the climax part.

Anupama Parameswaran, she would be breathing a big relief after this movie. Anupama plays a character of school teacher Krishnaveni. Though her screen space is less, she handled good with the time what she had. Anupama was beautiful in the sarees, along with the beautiful appearance, she gave her performance where it was needed. Scenes between Srinivas and Anupama were good.

Saravanan, the same actor who played Christopher, Marry Fernandez, Annabella George in Tamil version. He recieved extreme applause for his character, Make over and acting skills. There is nothing new to say about him. WATCH HIM ON SCREEN, HE WILL EVEN HAUNT YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.

Other Actors like Radha Ravi, Rajeev Kanakala, Vindohini, Suzanne George were good. Of all Rajeev Kanakala got a a meaty role and once again he has delivered a performance.

Editing by Amar reddy, Cinematography by Dilip is good. Whether it be frames or fade in, fade out they have stick to the basics of original version.

Music by Ghibran is good, Movie has only two songs in background, both are good on screen. BGM is gripping and good for most of the part

Final Verdict:

A big break for Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Rakshashudu will work will with all centre Audience, gripping narration and screenplay with keep audience sit tight through out the movie. No bore moments, Easily watchable!