Mathu Vadalara Movie Review- Movie of the season

Starring: Sri Simha Koduri,Athulya Chandra,Vennela Kishore,Satya Akkala,Naresh Agastya

Music By: Kaala Bhairavaa

Directed by: Ritesh Rana

Cinematography : Suresh Sarangam

Editor : Karthika Srinivas

Gossiper Rating: 3/5


Mathu Vadalara has been the most expected movie as couple of star kids from big star family are getting debuted. Sri Simha has starred in this project under the direction of Ritesh Rana. Known singer Kaala Bhairavaa has debuted as music director with this movie.


Babu Mohan is a courier boy living dissatisfied life with his low income. He plans on to become rich by stealing some money from his customers. He chooses a apartment to execute his plan. When he goes on to attempt first theft a woman dies and what happens further forms of the main plot of the movie.


Satya comedy track as Yesu Das

Screenplay and narration

First half


Predictable Story


Director Ritesh Rana has come up with paper thin story line. But, he managed to handle the shortcomings of the story with good screenplay and narration. Ritesh took time to establish the story well with the screenplay but once the twist got revealed, director failed to maintain the same tempo in narration towards the end.

However, by then audience are satisfied with what the movie has offered. If Ritesh has managed to maintain same tempi till the climax, Mathu Vadalara would have turned into a blockbuster.

Performance wise, Sri Simha was good as Babu Mohan. He had to handle two shades in the movie and he proves himself to be a convincing actor. At points though he was little amateur, with experience he might turn a promising actor. Comedian Satya Akkala got his role of life time, he has burdened the whole movie in his shoulders with one liners and timing. He is one major factor to keep the audience involved with the movie.

Naresh Agasthya was good and sound. Other actors Athulya, vennela Kishore were good to they were given.

Kaala Bhairavaa has done a fantastic job with background score. It was real good for both the crime as well as comedy scenes.

Little trimming at the editor table would be advisable given the thin story line. Which would make the movie better watch.


Mathu Vadalara is a surprise of the season and this will also turn out to be the surprise at box office.