Gang Leader Review- don’t blame the director!

Starring: Nani, Karthikeya, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Lakshmi, Vennela Kishore, Priyadarshi

Directed by: Vikram K Kumar

Music: Anirudh Ravichander

Producer: Mythri movie makers

Gossiper Rating: 2.75/5


Post the Resounding Success of Jersey, Nani wanted to return back to his fort, humour backed story. Thus, He choose Gangleader. Critically acclaimed director Vikram K Kumar has directed this project. This movie was carrying average buzz right from the beginning. Added, promotions were also very so and so, which couldn’t build up the much needed expectations.


Before they die, 5 cancer patients plan a bank robbery to fulfill their dear and loved ones dreams. They seek help from 6th person to execute the robbery. After successful robbery, 6th person kills this 5. He manages to flew away with money. A gang of 5 women related to those 5 dead persons start a journey on revenge. To seek the revenge, they reach Nani for Help. How they find out the 6th person and what happens further forms the rest of the story.


Screenplay- Direction:

It’s really hard to say, Vikram has failed to extreme that even no one could ever imagine. On paper this story looks fantastic, but on screen it has been messed up and dragged. When we have a talented director like Vikram, we should encourage him for what he is. If we doesn’t, such talented directors end up messing like Gang leader. His previous movies 24 and Hello were fantastic, but both ended up commercial failures.

Those failures have pushed Vikram to work on such a messy movie, Gangleader. Screenplay of the movie isn’t any way like Vikram K Kumar’s previous works. Especially, some day in future he himself would curse him for such a pathetic climax sequence. Not to say much, surely Vikram isn’t a director of such low level.


Nani was fantastic as usual with his quick wits and comic timings. However, Gangleader needed more than that of Nani’s performance. Upto a extent Nani has shouldered the burden of Gang leader.

Karthikeya had a poor written characterisation. Gang leader is almost a suicide kind of attempt from Karthikeya. Whereas he has already proved his talent with RX 100 as a hero, he shouldn’t have choose to work in a negative character.

Its better to talk less about Priyanka Arul Mohan, Vennela Kishore, Priyadarshi. Each of them have been under utilised and also they had poor Characterisations. Sadly, Vennela Kishore scenes will make the audience irritated to sit through.


Anirudh Ravichanders songs aren’t catchy, even a single song doesn’t work well on the screen. However, he has delivered Fantastic BGM. Cinematography is good as always as in Vikram K Kumar movies.


When we have a talented director like Vikram, we should encourage him for what he is. If we don’t, such talented directors end up messing like Gang leader.