Bigil aka Whistle Movie Review: Solid Blockbuster

Cast: Vijay, Nayanthara, Vivek, Jacki Shroff, Daniel Balaji, Anand Raj, Yogi Babu

Directed by: Atlee

Music: AR Rahman

Cinematography: GK Vishnu

Editing: Ruben

Produced by AGS Entertainments

Gossiper Rating: 3.5/5

Bottomline: Thalapathy Deepavali


Bigil marks the third collobration of Vijay and Atlee combination. Bigil is a commercial sports drama. Both the previous outings of Vijay Atlee combo turned out to be Blockbusters, which added Expectations on Bigil. Nayanthara has played the lady lead. AR Rahman has composed music for Bigil. AGS Entertainments have Bankrolled this project.


Bigil is built on a beautiful father son relationship. Vijay plays Rayappan (father) and Michael aka Bigil (Son). Rayappan wants his Son Michael to bring all positivity in the lives of their locality people. Mean while, Rayappan gets killed by one of his enemies. This brings a huge change in the life of Michael and sets the course for rest of the story.


Direction and Screenplay:

Atlee has come up with a simple story but solid narration and energetic screenplay. On paper, Bigil is a below average content. It is the screenplay written by Atlee which brought the huge difference.

Characterisation of Rayappan and narration written for Rayappan stands out. Atlee must be appreciated for beautifully blending the football with the father son sentiment. Throughout the narration, at proper breaks Atlee has kept goosebump moments. This is what makes Bigil interesting.

Though the second half of the story is mostly related to chak De India, Atlee mark screenplay saved the movie. Football moments have been captured realistically. Atlee’s vision must be appreciated.

If at all there was any lag in the screenplay, it would be the flat romantic scenes with Vijay and Nayanthara. Atlee should have cared a little for the romantic portions.


There is nothing new to say about Vijay and his acting. He is the superstar of Tamil Cinema. If at all anything has to be said, Vijay has nailed it. Rayappan will be a once in life time characterisation for Vijay.

Nayanthara was inadequate, not for her acting. But the screen space as well as Characterisation written for Nayanthara was lagging. While a star heroine like Nayanthara is in the cast, characterisation should be safely handled.

Other actors like Jackie Shroff, Daniel Balaji were good. Vivek’s comedy goes in vain, whereas Yogi Babu succeds evoking laughs here and there.

Background score of AR Rahaman stands out grand. G K Vishnu Cinematography must be applauded. He has beautifully captured the action scenes. Similarly, football sequences have been very well visualised.

Final verdict:

Not that there are no Dull moments in Bigil, the good moments outperform the dull moments. Though the movie was three hours of duration, Narration makes the movie to keep moving fast. Bigil has fantastic box office potential.