Ruler Review: Balakrishna One Man Show!

Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Vedhika, Sonal Chauhan, Prakash Raj, Bhumika, Parag Tyagi.

Directed: KS Ravi Kumar

Music: Chirantan Bhatt

Produced by: Chillara Kalyan

Gossiper Rating: 2/5


Inspite of getting positive reviews and critical acclaim, Balakrishna previous film NTR Biopic bombed big time at the box office. With the result of NTR Biopic, Balayya went very low on spirits. However, Balayya managed to okay Ruler with Director Ks Ravikumar under C Kalyan Production. Sadly, this project didn’t manage to create any buzz to help Balayya. Under very low expectations, Ruler has released today.


Balayya becomes the adopted son of Jayasudha and gets to become the CEO of software company. But Balayya has a flashback as Dharma, the heroic cop. What is up with Dharma is the rest of the story.


Balakrishna energy levels

Balakrishna looks as Arjun Prasad


Post interval 30 Mins


Balakrishna looks as Dharma

Outdated story

Sonal Chauhan Character in first half

Predictable screenplay and climax

Poor comedy


Choosing to work in Paruchuri Murali story is the first bizzaire for this project. No movie of Paruchuri Murali has turned to be Hit in any time. It is an suicide like attempt and one would wonder how KS Ravi Kumar okayed to go ahead with this project.

Director should have atleast worked on the better screen play, equal to the half baked script, screenplay was also equally bad. No need to specially say about C Kalyan Production values.

Balakrishna has tried his best to pull the movie in his shoulders. However, even he gets to blamed for choosing to work in such a B grade script. Though he will Entertain the audience with dance and action, with poor story, fate of this movie at box office is a big question mark.

Sonal Chauhan characterisation was unnecessary and senseless through out the first half. Vedhika was okay but adequate. Surprisingly Bhumika and Prakash Raj gets a meaty role. As the whole story revolves around this Father – Daughter Characterisations. The actor who played the main Antagonist Bhavani Bath was good enough for the fiercy action episodes.

As always, Chirantan Bhatt has given his best music for both the songs as well as re recording.

Bottom Line:

Ardent Balayya fans may like it for the mass action episodes and Crazy dance moves of Balayya. Quite difficult for Ruler to work with common audience.