Youth Killed his father for not allowing him play PUBG

PUBG has become a rage with the youth, since its inception from 2017, several have become addicted to this game. Regularly this game makes into news for inappropriate reasons. There were even several murders occured due to this gaming app in the past. Latest to join the list is a spine chilling murder of 50 Year old father, killed by his very own 21 year old son.

Sankarappa, aged 51 belongs to Belgaum of Karnataka. He has a son by name, Chandan Raguver, aged 21, doing his degree. Chandan has become addicted to PUBG from a long period. With which he even stopped attending college properly. Sankarappa has said his son several times about the habit. He has even punished his son several times.

Last Sunday, Chandan had asked his father for money to recharge the internet balance. With Sankarappa not giving the money for internet recharge, brief argument have started between the both. Later around 4AM early in the Monday morning, Chandan killed his father with the knife. Later he had escaped from his house. However, by midday police caught Chandan. FIR has been filed and investigation is being carried out.