Will Nirbhaya have justice atleast this time ?

Will Nirbhaya have the justice atleast this time ?

And Here comes the new date and time of death warrant for four convicts of Nirbhaya gang rape case. The Delhi Patiala Court has issued an order that the convicts should be hung on March 3rd at 6 AM. But here comes the real question, will Nirbhaya have the justice atleast this time?

This is the third death warrant issued against the Nirbhaya Convicts. Yet there is still no guarantee that the much delayed justice will be done atleast this time. Vinay Sharma, one of the accused is on a hunger strike in Tihar Jail, atleast as per the report of his advocate has given to the court. The court further asked superintend of Tihar Jail for an even detailed report on this issue.

Not to forget that this incident has taken place far back in 2012, 8 years have passed by there is yet no sign of confirmed justice. The convicts are finding one or the other way just to escape the death sentence every time. “I’m not at all happy with the fresh death warrant. Hope this time, the four convicts will be hanged.” Said Nirbhaya’s mother in grief. So the doubt continues, will Nirbhaya get the justice atleast now in the 2020?.