Kannada Actor Upendra to Protest on AP CM YS Jagan Rule.

YS Jagan’s one of the key decisions of 75% job to locals has misfired big time. Being a democratic and united nation, Indian citizens have right to work anywhere across the country. 75% job to locals, rule passed by YS Jagan invited unwanted trouble to the Telugu speaking community working in the neighbouring states. Protests have been started in the neighbouring states with regard to same 75% jobs for loacal .

If this happens, Telugu community will be the most suffering community, since cities like Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune are thickly populated with Telugu community software engineers. As a first Major blow, well known Kannada Actor Upendra has come up with a moment. This moment is about “Karantaka Jobs For Kannadigas”. With regard to this, Upendra has planned to take forward the protest on the dates of August 14th and August 15th. Karantaka CM Yediyurappa has also extended his support to Upendra.

Though, with unstable government in Karantaka for time being there won’t be a immediate effect. But once this law is passed, Telugu community belonging to telugu states will suffer big time to find the relocation. It is well known that the population of Telugu people in Bengaluru and Mysore is quite high. Which is almost equal to the Karnataka locals. If Karnataka government succeds in passing the rule of 75%jobs to local, Jagan will have tough time, to find jobs for our Telugu people in the undeveloped state of Andhra Pradesh.