Updated National Map brings worry for Andhra Pradesh

After making Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh as Union Territories, Indian government has released the updated National map with 28 States and 9 union Territories. The updated Map is nothing less of heart break to Andhra Pradesh people.

Except for Andhra Pradesh, all the other 27 states and 9 union Territories had their capitals mentioned. Whereas Andhra Pradesh was Printed without a capital. Though ruling YSRCP government is in dilemma with the capital region as Amaravati. At least based on the records Amaravati could’ve been termed as the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Just till few months before, Andhra Pradesh had a well shapening capital. The change in government from TDP to YSRCP has brought down the capital developmentent. Also going by the political Differences YSRCP are adamant to come in acceptance with TDP finalised Amaravati as capital.