Trisha slept for movie offers: Alleges Meera Mithun

Trisha slept for movie offers: Alleges Meera Mithun

Chennai Based model and small time actress Meera Mithun has blasted Trisha by alleging that she slept around for movie offers. Meera Mithun has taken the issue and posted it all over the social media. She also has played the caste card on Trisha since Trisha belongs to upper caste. Meera has said that Trisha used her upper caste power to cut down the growth of a small time actress like her.

These alleged statements from Meera Mithun has shocked the Kollywood circles. Meera Mithun alleging that Trisha slept for movie offers is recieving strong criticism. However, Trisha hasn’t responded to these allegations of this some petty small unknown actress. Funny part is, Meera Mithun has said that Trisha influenced the directors to let her go off from movies like Yennai Arindhal and Petta.

Even funnier part is, not much people know that there is some actress with the name Meera Mithun. It is clearly understandable that Meera Mithun is using the fame Trisha to get into limelight. Playing the sleeping around card and upper caste card has become a easy way for low life people. Trisha has been in the industry for almost two decades. There were no rumours or trouble news about Trisha with regard to work and cinema. Her personal life and love life has been in the news. But this is the first time someone have kept allegations on Trisha.

However, Meera Mithun should understand that sleeping around won’t fetch movie offers. Only if someone is capable of performing audience will accept them. End of the day, it is the audience who decide and not just as easy as sleeping around.

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