YSRCP leader PVP threatened Police officials by letting dogs out

YSRCP leader PVP under Banjara Hills police custody

YSRCP leader PVP has reportedly threatened the police officials who came to arrest him by letting his dogs to bite the police officials. This isn’t the first time we are hearing about such incident. Almost in all the 1980s movies, there will be this type of scene where the Antagonist will threaten people with dogs, lions and tiger. Just the replica of one such incident is this PVP incident.

Our readers would be well aware about PVP’s civil dispute with his neighbor. PVP threatened his neighbor by sending 40 Goondas. Following this, police complaint was filed on PVP at Banjara Hills police station. Police officials today went to arrest PVP. SI Hareesh Reddy of Banjara hills PS was the one following this case. Police when tried to enter PVP residence to arrest him, he set his dogs on the police officials to bite them.

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Fearing the situation at PVP residence, police Officials returned back and reportrd the same to the superiors. This behavior of PVP has shocked the police officials and has made them furious. CP Anjani Kumar has now taken up the case and he himself is expected to reach PVP’s residence to arrest PVP.