Telangana to ban use of mobile phones in Covid19 Hospitals?

Telangana to ban use of mobile phones in Covid19 Hospitals?

From the press meet of Etela Rajender it was clearly evident that Telangana government is thinking about the ban of mobile phones with the patients in Covid19 Hospitals. Yesterday and today, two incidents occured in Hyderabad chest hospital. The patients who were on the death bed recorded the video of their pain and sent it to their respective family members.

Within few minutes after sending the video, both of them lost their lives. In both the videos, patients clearly explained how they were taken of the ventilator and pushed to death. These videos have shocked the people of not only Telangana, but also the whole world, as the videos gone viral on Internet.

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Telangana Government wasn’t seen worrying about the dead. Instead, the health Minister of Telangana, Etela Rajender in the press meet Expressed how hurting it is to Government when these kind of videos go viral. He also stated that the government is allowing mobile phones in Covid19 Hospitals so that the patients can stay in touch with family. But not to record the videos and defame the government or the working staff.

These comments from the state health minister has shocked everyone. Because, instead of rectifying the mistakes on the government side, they are still trying to scold and blame the public for highlighting the Government’s mistakes.

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