Shocking: 6 Coronavirus deaths in Telangana on single day

Shocking: 6 Coronavirus deaths in Telangana on single day

The latest bulletin released by the Health Ministry states that 6 coronavirus deaths are registered in Telangana in a single day. And now this news is sending shockwaves throughout the state within just a few minutes.

All of the 6 coronavirus deaths in Telangana are those who had participated in the religious prayers in Markaz, Delhi. Here is the list of deaths reported hospital wise.

1 died in Apollo

2 died in Gandhi

1 in Global

1 in Nizamabad

1 in Gadwal

With this now all the other suspects are rushing to the hospitals by themselves. The Medical officials have also asked anyone who has visited the Markaj during the period 13th to 15th March to report at the hospitals. The government is also asking the public to report if they know anyone who has attended that prayer.

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The Government of Telangana is shocked by the sudden increase in deaths. Yesterday Telangana CM KCR confidently addressed the press. In the press meet, Telangana CM KCR said that the government is expecting a decrease in the number of Coronavirus cases. He also said that the state government is expecting a complete zero in new cases by April 7 in Telangana.

 But, instead of decreasing, 6 Coronavirus patients have died and 6 new positive cases were reported today. On the other hand, CM KCR has announced to cut the salary of the state government employees. Today has turned to be a bad day for the government of Telangana and the public as well. On a single day, six deaths are the highest recorded in India so far. This is also the highest number of deaths a state as recorded till now. Now, this has risen a new doubt if the government is keeping the actual number of cases hidden from the public.