Salary cut announced for Telangana government employees

Salary cut announced for Telangana government employees

Telangana Government has sent shock waves by implementing the salary cut to its employees. The central government is repeatedly insisting the private firms not to implement salary cuts. But a State Government, government of Telangana itself implementing salary cut to its employees has shocked the public. Here is the salary cuttings implemented by telangana Government cadre wise.,

MLA,MP,MLC – 75%
Corporation level workers – 60%
Other category government employees – 50%

Retired government officials – 50%
Out servicing and 4th Grade employees -10%

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The reason stated by telangana government for the salary cuts is the less reserve of funds in the state Treasury. The big question here is, does the government don’t even have enough money in reserve to pay one month salary in such dire situations. This is a clear indication how miserable the Telangana government is functioning.

Now the biggest fear is, looking at the Government of Telangana, Private firms might also implement the salary cuttings. If this is to be the situation, there will be more deaths of debt burdens than the Coronavirus.

The ugliest thing of all this is, CM KCR made fun in the assembly budget sessions about Coronavirus 20 days back. But today look at the situation, the government isn’t paying the salary because of Coronavirus. In all the time KCR had to make fun, he could’ve had taught a plan B to survive the crisis.

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