Minister KTR help to a stranded family in Hyderabad

Minister KTR help to a stranded family in Hyderabad

Minister KTR has extended his help to a stranded family walking in the roads of Hyderabad hopelessly.

A family had got stranded after the centre as well as state Governments announced lockdown. The family with no way to move out of the city was walking helpless on the roads. Minister KTR was travelling in his convoy on the same road while he was on inspection. KTR after seeing the stranded family, stopped his convoy to get to know about the whereabouts of the family.

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On knowing about the situation of the family, KTR himself arranged a vehicle so that the family can reach the destination carefully. A minister like KTR himself getting into roads to help the people is an example how close the Telangana Government is working in battling the Coronavirus. This help of KTR to stranded family is being widely appreciated Nationwide. Chief Minister KCR is on the other hand taking rigid actions to maintain the social distance.

Today has been a good day for Telangana state as there are no new Coronavirus positive cases. However, the government of Telangana is still in worry about the community spread possibilities in Kothagudem. On the other hand, Coronavirus positives in the Nation has gone past 600 with 11 deaths. Coronavirus positive cases in state like Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Haryana are increasing in rocket speed.

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