Police competing with Coronavirus in killing the people?

Police competing with Coronavirus in killing the people?

It seems like police are competing with Coronavirus in killing the people. Especially, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana police are behaving like animals towards the public. The police have took the law in their hands in the name of Coronavirus lockdown. Without the second taught, Andhra and Telangana police are ruthlessly beating the public irrespective of the reason. Because of this police atrocity, a 32 year old man had lost his life in Adoni, Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

Thanks to the growth of social media, this atrocities carried out by the police are surfacing the social media. There are over 100 of videos in social media in last two days with the police atrocities. For the first time in two days, Andhra Pradesh home minister Sucharitha had taken action. A police latti charge incident in Peravalli of West Godavari district has gone viral. The SI of Peravalli is seen latti charging a women, mother of the victim. Though the SI is handed immediate suspension, the public is yet to digest the atrocity carried out by him.

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There are several such videos in which the police are acting ruthlessly towards the public. But police should understand Coronavirus lockdown is to save people and not to compete with Coronavirus for killing the people. If a citizen is out on the roads, he might have a reason. Police should listen to the reason, if not satisfied, counselling should be given or non physical and non verbal action should be taken. Instead beating the public like this won’t help.

This kind of attitude form police might lead to law and order situation. For one or two days or even for a third day people might fear to the police latti charge. What if the public starts acting in reverse, a police force can’t outplay the public. So it would be better if police treat public in human way.

Public also know how difficult situation this is for police. Braving the Coronavirus outbreak, police have left the families and are standing on road. Public has huge respect for that, if police could convey softly, public will listen surely.

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