Netizens vs Harish Shankar over Rahul Gandhi PVN issue

Netizens vs Harish Shankar over Rahul Gandhi PVN issue

Once again there is now Netizens vs Director Harish Shankar situation after his tweet over Rahul Gandhi Not tweeting on Late PV Narasimha Rao rememberence day . Telugu film industry people are well known to shy away from political issues. But this time director Harish Shankar has slipped his leg into politics knowingly or unknowingly. Harish Shankar is not only the firebrand director but also a straight forward person.

But, Harish Shankar seem to have gone mute with netizens question after his tweet on Rahul Gandhi- PVR issue. It was BVS Ravi who first started this with the tweet.,

“Waited till last night 12 to see your tweet remembering #PVNarasimhaRao ji. Unfortunate that your brain has remained as narrow as your grand old party’s. @RahulGandhi are you really serious to serve a grand nation with this narrow mind’.

Responding to the tweet of BVS Ravi, Harish Shankar quoted speaking his opinion.

“I dint observe but thanks for putting light on this matter @BvsRavi, and I wish not just Telugu people but entire Nation should observe how #PVNarasimhaRao gaaru getting insulted by @RahulGandhi and team even after these many years !!!”.

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BVS Ravi and Harish Shankar speaking about Rahul Gandhi not remembering PV Narasimha Rao is absolutely a important issue. Unfortunately the timing of Harish Shankar has been wrong. The netizens have asked asked Harish Shankar that if he can tweet about Rahul forgetting PV Narasimha Rao, why can’t he question KCR and KTR over mismanagement of Coronavirus situation.