Politician and Political parties running behind Media houses!


Lately all the political parties are either running behind the media channels for support or resisting the media channels from projecting actual news.

Recently in Andhra Pradesh ABN news channel was blocked out by the Ruling chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. Similarly, several cases were bombarded on TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash. Infact he has been arrested and taken into custody.

While the TV9 media has been bought by Telangana CM KCR’s close ally Megha Constructions owner Krishna Reddy. The latest is, BJP trying to get in grip with ABN Andhrajothy. Directly, BJP head Amit Shah had met ABN Radha Krishna in a closed room meeting. This has raised the political doubts, whether BJP is seeking the help of ABN in AP, TG to establish their ground level. On the other hand RK is known to be very close with CBN and long association with TDP.

While, after the arrest of former TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash, Telangana congress leader, Revanth Reddy had met him in the jail. Ravi Prakash is in plans to establish his own news channel once again. It seems like Congress who is looking for foot hold in telangana is trying to get the help of Ravi Prakash.

Media playing all the background politics is clearly understandable with the ongoing situation in the state. Only time has to answer all questions being raised.