Daughter unveils the reason why she Murdered her mother!

A Hyderabad based teen girl(19) murdered her own mother created sensation and a doubt on humanity. A teen named Keerthi Reddy being intimidated by her boyfriend, killed her mother Rajitha.

Police said that, than the reasons like addicted to alcohol, need of money or illegal relationships, there seems to be a place for leniency in the name of modernization, family detachments, going astray etc.,

The teen’s father is a drunkard, whereas mother is concerned only about earning money to raise the family, which made the teen feel alone.

So she fell into a relationship with a friend’s brother Balreddy(23), had sex with him and when found to be pregnant, she took the help of a neighbor Sasikumar(28) to get aborted, whereas he took leniency and started sexually harassing the girl.

Sasikumar whose father is an AE in the electricity department, caught in corruption, thought of earning easy money using her private photos & videos and demanded her a lump sum of Rs. 10 lakhs.

Since she could not afford it, he convinced her on killing his mother and take possession of her assets. Since the teen was not that attached to her parents, she decided to kill her mother.

The first attempt failed but not the second. Being reinforced, finally she perpetrated the crime and threw the dead body on a railway track and tried to push the offense onto her father.

But when the police investigated in their style, the truth came out. The girl seemed to have no hesitation to answer the questions and no repentance even after being caught, says the police.