KCR warns public, Don’t push us to shoot at sight

KCR warns public, Don't push us to shoot at sight

Telangana Chief Minister KCR has delivered a rigid speech in the press conference, he has warned the public to shoot at sight if the lockdown isn’t followed properly. KCR has urged the people not to push the government towards such extremes. KCR briefed about the seriousness of the situation very clearly. He reinstated the public repeatedly to support the police and stay home. If the situation gets worst, Army will also be brought, said KCR.

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CM KCR once again reminded the public about the importance of social distancing. KCR also made a strict order to the police not to man handle the public. At the same time, he also requested the public to cooperate with the police officials. KCR appreciated the part of police and Collectors and critisicied the people representatives for not being a part of this fight. He also ordered the police to allow the media at any circumstances. KCR then instructed the corporators, Grama panchayat leaders to look after the situation carefully.

Meanwhile, Most parts of Telangana has reported the Coronavirus positive cases. The number of positive cases in Coronavirus has clocked 36. The count across the nation has gone 500 cases and is standing at 520. Number of deaths due to Coronavirus has also increased and is now at 10. KCR strict warning about shoot at sight to the public might sound weird, but people has to understand the seriousness of the situation. Stay home and stay safe.

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