Pawan Kalyan in Kakinada – 144 section imposed

With Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan visiting Kakinada to meet his Party cadre, the government has imposed section 144 and Police act 30 in Kakinada. Lets go further into the details.

It is already known that YSRCP activists have allegedly attacked Jana Sena cadre. From then on there is a lot of tension and unrest prevailing in the city of Kakinada. Janasenani Pawan Kalyan who went to Delhi to meet BJP high command last saturday, has returned back. He reached Kakinada by road from Visakhapatnam. He is going to visit the cadre of Janasena injured due to the attack of YSRCP followers.

The Police officials imposed section 144 , Police act 30 and are also taking other safety measures. They are also not allowing any gatherings of people just to ensure that everything is under the control. In regard to this visit, a large number of fans have arrived to welcome their leader Pawan kalyan. Due to all these things happening and prevailing tension, people aren’t able to enjoy the festive eve like previous years.