Jagan’s education schemes getting lashed out from voters.

Jagan Vaidya Scheme and Amma Vodi scheme are the much spoken education schemes of the ruling YSRCP Government. How much positivity this schemes recieved when announced, equal amount of controversies have Sorrounded around this schemes lately. The main reason behind the criticism and controversies is the lack of clarity with the government itself.

While Jagan Vaidya Seva scheme is to support inter students irrespective of their other scholarships are yet to get an official nod. Similarly, Amma Vodi scheme which was initially announced as scheme for everyone has been slashed to be the scheme for only white card holders. Added, the government hasn’t given clarity about the initiation of scheme for first kid as well as following kids.

While this is the situation of this schemes, oppositions are repeatedly questioning and lashing out YSRCP for lack of clarity, there isn’t a single MLA, Minister or atleast education minister to counter the comments from oppositions. Except for CM YS Jagan Himself and Vijay Sai Reddy no one is countering the oppositions. Infact Vijay Sai is posting comments through social media and is yet to address a press meet regarding this.