Illegal Drone Surveillance on CBN’s Residence

Ex Chief Minister Nara Chandra babu Naidu Amaravathi Residence was subjected to illegal drone surveillance by privateers. This has sent shock waves among TDP cadre, CBN falls under z categorical security, already he is facing high level life threat. Anyhow, CBN wasn’t present in the Amaravathi residence. TDP workers who were near the residence found out something fishy happening and rushed towards the Drone operators and captured them.

In the mean time Vijayawada TDP leaders Devineni Avinash and Janardhan rushed to the spot. Eventually police also arrived to the residence of Chandra Babu Naidu. Police Arrested the unknown drone operators and tried to take them away, without letting any information to the public or TDP leaders.

Avinash and Janardhan, who were present in the spot agitated against the police officials. Avinash and Janardhan made the accusations against the police claiming, Police are trying to cover the truth by taking away and safeguarding those culprits. A brief heated arguement took place between Devineni Aviash, Janardhan and Police officials