Celebrities shock after seeing their power bills

Celebrities shock after seeing their power bills

It looks like not only the common people but also the celebrities are being shocked after looking at their power bills. We have already seen that the power bills have raised exponentially after lockdown. And now the latest victim is none other than heroine Shraddha Das.

From a lost couple of months, electricity bills have become one of the most controversial topics. Many common people have raised their voices saying that they are being looted with exponentially high electricity bills. Many were charged 4-5 times more than usual, while for some it has gone up to 10 times more. It looks like this scenario of high power bills isn’t any different from celebrities too. It is already known that Rangam fame Heroine Karthika Nair fired upon the officials after being shocked seeing the electricity bill. She posted a tweet on her official handle asking about the insanely high electricity bill that she has received.

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And now the latest entry into this list is Shraddha Das. This actress was reportedly charged nearly Rs 34,000. She took it onto her Twitter handle has she wrote, “The electricity bills are crazyyyyyy now..just paid 26000 plus last night. And my usage is the same…not increased coz of the lockdown…”. She also added that “And 8 k a week before.. so 34 k in total…madness”.

We have to wait and see if whether the officials respond at least to the celebritites or not.