Fake Busted: YSRCP leaders faked KIA Motors Letter Head?

A day of high drama, finally there comes a end. The whole issue started with Honourable Finance minister of Andhra Pradesh, Buggana Rajendranath Reddy’s speech at today’s assembly.

Buggana, an IIT alumni and Present AP finance minister claimed, Establishment of KIA motors was possible only because of Y S Rajasekhar Reddy and Chandra Babu Naidu has nothing to do with KIA motors. This issue got further intensified, when a Pro YSRCP webmedia shared a letter head with KIA motors symbol.

The letter had few Controversial statements like,

👉 Highly Respectable ‘Reddy’ Surname.

👉 Han- Woo park CEO and President of KIA motors had spoke about his long lasting friendship with YSR.

A Non Indian speaking high about Regional caste and that too about our CM’s caste has all questions to make.

Beyond all this the letter which had all this Godly versus was not authenticated by any of the official belonging to KIA motors. Generally any organisation won’t release letter heads or press release without authentication.

Even while cross checking with previous letter heads of KIA motors, not even a single letter head was released without proper authentication. May be, fearing of the local rule, KIA motors may not come up with clarification. But the truth can’t he hidden for many days.

Along with all this, The Letter head released by YSRCP has the address of Korea. Whereas KIA Motors follow the pattern of using the local address to release the letter heads corresponding to their local plant location.