Ys Jagan press meet on border crisis with broader mistakes

Ys Jagan press meet on border crisis with border mistakes

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Ys Jagan Reddy addressed a press meet about the Andhra Pradesh- Telangana border Crisis. Yesterday, thousands of Andhra Pradesh native people started from Hyderabad after getting No objection certificates from Telangana police. Whereas, entry to the Andhra Pradesh was restricted by the Andhra Pradesh officials. After miscommunication and mismanagement between both governments. As a result, around 6000 people got stranded in the border.

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This turned into National issue after several national media agencies started trashing both the state governments. To give a clarification regarding this, Andhra Pradesh CM Ys Jagan addressed the press meet today. In the press meet, Ys Jagan clarified about the stand of Andhra Pradesh state government. Ys Jagan briefed how important it is to restrict the visitors from the other States at this time. He also clearly explained the adverse consequences of allowing the new people in to the state right now.

Through out the press meet, Ys Jagan carefully handled the topic without getting deviated. He stressed the importance of social distancing. But the press meet had few hiccups with regular mistakes of Ys Jagan. At one point, instead of saying Contact Tracing, Ys Jagan pronounced it as Contract tracing. He then said some statistics and messed with the numbers, he called “Thirty seven thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen and Hundred and ninteen.” Only CM Ys Jagan can know the exact number what he intended to say.

By now, the Andhra Pradesh people are habituated to the press meetings of Ys Jagan and his mistakes in the press meet. However, Ys Jagan spoke very clear about the border crisis. But still, if Jagan had this press meet yesterday before people got stranded in the border, it would have helped at the least.

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