Ys Jagan opened 108 Ambulances damaged already

Jagan opened 108 Ambulances

Just today morning, AP CM Ys Jagan flagged and opened 1000+ 108 Ambulances in Vijayawada. This event was publicized as a mega event with full page ads and hoardings. AP CM Ys Jagan considered the event very prestigious and he made it sure of his presence in person for the opening. 1000+ Ambulances were queued in line as a rally from Vijayawada Benz Circle to Ragavaiah Park in Bandar road.

1000+ 108 Ambulances were flagged and opened at once by CM Ys Jagan. These 1000+ Ambulances in the rally started the moment as soon as Ys Jagan flagged. It looked liked as a visual wonder in the videos. But very soon, people got to witness the reality on ground.

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The ambulances started moving at a maximum speed of only 20-30 KMPH. Unfortunately, few ambulances collided with each other. Since the speed of the ambulances was only around 20-30 KMPH, the collision should have been very minor. But, the collided vehicles ended up with severe damage. Which literally looked like as though the vehicles collided at 60-70 KMPH. Around 7 ambulances ended up with damages from the rally. With these, TDP leaders who were already accusing about the involvement of scam in 108 ambulances started questioning the quality of the Ambulances too.

However, this must be a reality check for the YSRCP Government. Ambulance is a vehicle which has to travel at maximum speed during emergency. The durability of the Ambulance should be better than the other vehicles. Life saving vehicle shouldn’t turn into life killer. Government should look into the quality of the vehicles immediately.